Max Henninger


our shepherd wielded knives all

the wrong reasons


white building looked like a

shed do you want to give your

womb for this eating from the

palm of his bureau


(glass breaking all

over our faces)


                        not willing to fire on children

                        held up as shields


instant world news | reporters



                        they started pumping the

                        gas in took out entire

                        sections of walls


an overriding sense s/thing

was going to happen to me


these guys had their own agenda

stripped down to an orange jump

suit finger printed couldn’t


eat felt completely helpless

almost a death cult that monday

evening round tea time you seen

the news you listening you just


got back from work | crawling

over to the radiator hauling

ourselves up it tugs at the heart

strings the emotional part


sound of rabbits


sky like a




been so unfocused

lately | barely

had the strength

to lift my finger

point at the




coming to us was mostly

that from the




when we heard your name

mentioned great sense of

loss remember seeing


smoke black stronger in

april this part of


                                    as a family

                                    we dealt

                                    w/ it well


Max Henninger is a writer and translator based in Berlin. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in journals and zines including Datableed, Spam, Tiny Spoon, Streetcake, Rivista and Seafront Press. His prose poem “Exit Region” has been nominated for a 2021 Pushcart Prize, and his short story “Sudden Death” was longlisted for the 2021 Streetcake Experimental Writing Prize. He recently released a 60-minute cassette tape of poetry and music with German experimental music duo poesi fysik. He can be found on Instagram (@tower_of_days) and Twitter (@henninger1978).

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