Suburban Cage Match

The Maenad


We all live our lives within houses, built of walls

Wrought mostly of holes, badly pampered over

With posters or wallpaper and good intentions

The brutal reality of things, like screaming rednecks

 in fast cars at one am.

Tired of hiding all these suddenly violent redecorations

Why patch holes in doors when the doors

Themselves are part of the reason for violence and hitting?

Take the doors off the hinges better I keep saying


But it is the way of the breed,

the domesticated short hair,

white American cismale

To remain indecisive, for as long as possible

To actively fail to commit to anything

A burger a girl a future


Just sitting on their bean bag chairs and being

Spandiwearing perpetual fuckboys

Wastecock bums who think they’re ward cleaver

America a ‘merica

Cage match in the sewage come hither


The Maenad (She/Hers) Transgender Goddess, an activist, artist, poet, publisher, sex worker, and author of creative non-fiction, erotica, fantasy, and science fiction.

Her work has appeared @corporealitmag @engendered @gutslutpress @fahmidanjournal @redplanetmag @wickedgayways @365tomorrows, within the Gongfarmer’s Almanac and on Madwomen in the Attic.

Her first chapbook, a work of trans erotic liberation, the Ishtar Cycle, is available from @lupercaliapress

Find her @dreaminggynoid on Twitter and @scarlet_maenadum on IG.

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