Work for Hire

The Maenad


CW Sex work


Don’t call me baby

If you’ve no support to offer me

I don’t get to go home

Someplace clean when we’re done with this scene

Go back to Marysville, or maybe Mercer Island

Someplace suburban that hides it’s violence

When Goddess goes home I cast aside such lies as

the essential rationality of pleasing forms or

Their reductionism to raw numbers,

Venture capital from seduction.


The Maenad (She/Hers) Transgender Goddess, an activist, artist, poet, publisher, sex worker, and author of creative non-fiction, erotica, fantasy, and science fiction.

Her work has appeared @corporealitmag @engendered @gutslutpress @fahmidanjournal @redplanetmag @wickedgayways @365tomorrows, within the Gongfarmer’s Almanac and on Madwomen in the Attic.

Her first chapbook, a work of trans erotic liberation, the Ishtar Cycle, is available from @lupercaliapress

Find her @dreaminggynoid on Twitter and @scarlet_maenadum on IG.

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