An arachnid tail strikes the shedding serpent

The Maenad


My usual genius lurks

crawling silent spaces

Striking when she wishes,

effervescent, wasted.

A threadbare kind of angel,

dusted, shot, arrested.

Inky tresses, brutally caressed.

For 400 dollars,

This scorpion too,

can be your poison

swimming sweetly inside you.

Rent my reign,

Cast aside these torn and tight skins

Step forth into blood again


The Maenad (She/Hers) Transgender Goddess, an activist, artist, poet, publisher, sex worker, and author of creative non-fiction, erotica, fantasy, and science fiction.

Her work has appeared @corporealitmag @engendered @gutslutpress @fahmidanjournal @redplanetmag @wickedgayways @365tomorrows, within the Gongfarmer’s Almanac and on Madwomen in the Attic.

Her first chapbook, a work of trans erotic liberation, the Ishtar Cycle, is available from @lupercaliapress

Find her @dreaminggynoid on Twitter and @scarlet_maenadum on IG.

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