The Emetic Qualities of Ingested Holly

The Maenad


A tiny tincture for this magic.

A little poison, suspended in oil,

floating in clear water

Drink deep of this spoon

Combine withPumpkin Spice

or Coors light If you must


WE are Americans we have no desire

to see the underpinnings of things.

American Violence and American sex are

sterile hollows devoid of all meaning.

No blood, no gore, no afterbirth, no stillborn,

nothing that could offendThose advertising DOLLars and Sense

what really fill us up with yearning for remaining currency.

Hot for dripping Green stacks on our backs,Stuffed like credit turkeys or payday

Next day-loan fuck sleeves


This whore abhors the replacing of moist human seeds and pulp with

papier Mache Mattel pastel Monopoly money. 

Such tax attorney taxidermy is but a steady diet of souls

Bound for the common, green hell.

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