Kitchen Aide Disaster

by The Maenad


Raw cream, raw egg rock on,

Help me get this top off.

With rough rubbing I

Get to make your cock pop

All over my spring clean

Hanging momma dugs;

My pits smell of dove.


I said,make something that I can overeat

Dutifully, she bade to please me


Trying to lose weight always summons these stress eating days

Like a troll or ogre, I stuff it all raw into my gob.

Look away Johnny, I am only eating.

It is all that turns me on


The Maenad (She/Hers) Transgender Goddess, an activist, artist, poet, publisher, sex worker, and author of creative non-fiction, erotica, fantasy, and science fiction.

Her work has appeared @corporealitmag @engendered @gutslutpress @fahmidanjournal @redplanetmag @wickedgayways @365tomorrows, within the Gongfarmer’s Almanac and on Madwomen in the Attic.

Her first chapbook, a work of trans erotic liberation, the Ishtar Cycle, is available from @lupercaliapress

Find her @dreaminggynoid on Twitter and @scarlet_maenadum on IG.

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