Meta-Modernism and YouTube Ghost Hunters

Proving Demons is a forty year old ghost hunter who claims to have the largest paranormal urban exploration YouTube channel in the United Kingdom. His videos feature him sneaking into abandoned hospitals/schools/houses/whatever and pretending to talk to ghosts. He stands in the middle of a dilapidated room, dressed in black hoodie and JNCO jeans, andContinue reading “Meta-Modernism and YouTube Ghost Hunters”

Shooting From the Hip: Gary Cooper’s Freudian Gun-Cock in High Noon

The Freudian Western Western legends and childhood development have a subtly linked history, demonstrated by the amount of characters, both real life and fictional, who bear a post nominal epithet describing their level of maturation. William Bonney becomes Billy the Kid, dead at eighteen having killed one man for every year of his life. TheContinue reading “Shooting From the Hip: Gary Cooper’s Freudian Gun-Cock in High Noon”

Violence, Abuse, and Classic Movie Monsters

Horror movies are, at their core, about abuse and violence. Audiences undergo a cathartic response to viewing acts of abuse play out in the pictures they watch. There is always a chance of an individual experiencing abuse and violence and we all try to minimise the potential for this on our lives. Though we mayContinue reading “Violence, Abuse, and Classic Movie Monsters”

Full of Shit: The excremental visions of Swift and South Park

Satire is the art of reducing the sublime to the commonplace through mockery and criticism, this can take many forms but I will argue that the purest is the excremental vision. The excremental vision is the filter through which mankind, the highest of all living things, creator of society, culture, art, science and philosophy, isContinue reading “Full of Shit: The excremental visions of Swift and South Park”

Kayfabe and the Hyper-Real: Co-operating narrative strata in professional wrestling

Professional wrestling is unique among art forms because of co-operative narrative strata. The narrative layers that make up the strata move from the non-fictional, to the hypo-fictional, the fictional, and the hyper-fictional and require increasing levels of wilful suspension of disbelief. Each layer can operate independently but generally speaking, a spectator will need to haveContinue reading “Kayfabe and the Hyper-Real: Co-operating narrative strata in professional wrestling”

The Inconstant Gardner: Identity formation in ‘Guy Gardner Reborn’

The 1990s, or Extreme Age, in comic book history saw a huge speculator boom as key Silver Age comics started selling for huge amounts in the collector’s market. Suddenly everyone was looking for the next big thing and anything with a huge ‘#1’ on it was expected to increase in value. As such, every secondContinue reading “The Inconstant Gardner: Identity formation in ‘Guy Gardner Reborn’”